Health Centre at Chelmund's Cross build phase from the front
Chelmund’s Cross Health Centre
7th May 2015
Proposed Residential Developments – Consultation
8th June 2015

Three Trees Centre Refurbishment


The Three Trees Centre in Chelmund’s Cross has recently finished its latest refurbishment work.

The refurbishment has given the centre some fantastic new meeting rooms with bright spacious interiors and easy access to the outside of the centre. Three Trees has also been able to open up its garden spaces thanks to work from Gro-Organic, the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and lots of volunteers. The NEC has also helped to build a sensory garden for visitors to Three Trees to make the most of.

Just under £200,000 was raised to fund the refurbishments and the garden. This follows the significant investment in the centre during Phase 1 of development which brings the investment in the centre and the local area to well over half a million pounds. The new building work at Three Trees has led to 8 full time and at least 6 part time jobs being created at the centre. The Olive Branch Kitchen also continues to thrive with 4 members of staff employed currently.

Three Trees is also currently bidding for a further £500,000 to refurbish the main hall and build some additional rooms. This will mean the centre can offer more health and wellbeing activities, a space for young people, as well as training and business development. There is already interest from a social enterprise for one of the new rooms with the idea being to train ex-offenders to get them back into work.