Following completion of the consultation road show at the beginning of November, NSP confirm that three of the five sites consulted on will be taken forward to seek planning permission.  The sites at Blair Grove and Chapelhouse Road will not be pursued.

The road shows were attended by a total of 106 people and 78 survey questionnaires were completed.  The majority of responses received expressed concerns over loss of green space and car parking but it is considered that these can be adequately mitigated through thoughtful design.

Please see site plans as presented at the consultation which will now be developed further in view of the comments received:

Clopton Crescent/Newby Grove

A development of 28 new homes, predominantly  on a brownfield site. Clopton Crescent Plan

Anglesey Avenue

Further work will be undertaken to agree the most appropriate road layout to determine if the adjacent road should be opened up to two-way traffic or be retained as a cul-de-sac. Anglesey Avenue Plan  

Auckland Drive

Due to the proximity of the adjacent high rise block Bedford House, this development will proceed as 3 sets of apartments, three stories in height. Auckland Drive Plan

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