Green Spaces

North Solihull has some great outdoor spaces available to residents of all ages and abilities. The North Solihull Partnership would like to encourage residents to make the most of these areas available to the community and is committed to transforming spaces into clean and friendly environments.

When building on under-utilised green space, the loss in the quantity of the area has been replaced with improved quality by measuring this against a nationally recognised green space assessment. There is also a requirement for each household to be within 400m of Neighbourhood Green Space.

North Solihull Partnership has created brand new parks at:

  • Woodlands Green Park
  • Chapelhouse Recreation Ground
  • Burton’s Farm Park Green Space
  • Dove Way Park
  • Mull Croft Park
  • Raglan Way Play Area
  • Saxon Gate Play Area

And improved parks and open space at:

  • Lanchester Park & Skate Park
  • Meriden Park
  • Ribble & Redwing Walk Green Links
  • Lowbrook Open Space Enhancements
  • Longley Walk Green Space

Chapelhouse Recreation Ground

was our first major scheme created in 2008.  The park in Fordbridge covers an area of 2.84 hectares and compliments a new housing scheme, Chapel Walk, which was completed in 2007.  Local residents were extensively consulted on the design of the £300,000 park which is true of all of our new and improved green spaces.

2008 - Residents and the North Solihull Partnership celebrate the opening of Chapelhouse Road Recreation Ground

The old park

Burtons Farm Park

is an enhanced area of green space and is closely linked to the public realm at the new Village Centre in Smiths Wood as well as being integrated with new homes.

From this ......

...... to this ......

...... to this

Dove Way Park

Girton & Gonville high rise blocks were demolished in 2013 and replaced by a new area of open space created for the community.  The new space includes an area for informal play, seating, lighting, a central meeting place and new areas of planting.  The scheme was part of a wider plan to improve pedestrian access to the new Village Centre at Smith's Wood.

The old park

Lanchester Park

in Smiths Wood was an under-used scruffy area of land which underwent a huge transformation and now includes a skate park and multi use games area (MUGA).

Woodlands Green Park, new urban park in Smiths Wood

Environmental Enhancements

Landscape enhancements to Ribble & Redwing Walk to improve key routes through the neighbourhood to Smiths Wood Village Centre

Residents in Longley Walk, Smiths Wood, were very pleased to see the creation of formal parking arrangements on a piece of land that had previously been mis-used

The new formal parking spaces with landscaping

Bat Boxes on the side of a new Bellway property at Babbs Mill

Outdoor Projects

The Partnership is also keen to encourage projects and businesses in the North Solihull area that lead to community involvement with the local environment.

Go-Organic is a Chemlsley Wood based Social Enterprise that seeks to involve local communities in the development and enjoyment of outdoor spaces. They have received funding this year from our grants programme.  One of their many projects is the creation of a WW2 Victory Garden which was a plot of redundant waste ground which has been transformed into a thriving community garden with the help of over 40 local residents.

Other activities such as Warwick Wildlife’s Smith’s Wood Heritage Project have proved successful in recent years and it is great to see people getting involved with their surroundings.

Earth Oven built by Gro Organic used to cook home grown fruit & vegetables with local residents

Gro Organic's 'Insect Hotel'

The wild flower garden at Three Trees Baptist Church

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's Wood Heritage Project

Children from Bishop Wilson School help to plant vegetables

Parks and Open Spaces News

17th July 2019

New Play Area at Saxon Gate Development

A new play area has just opened on the Saxon Gate development in Marlene Croft, Chelmsley Wood.
13th January 2016

New Park in Smith’s Wood

The North Solihull Partnership has created an urban park on an underused area of land between the Chester Road and Windward Way in Smith's Wood as part of green space improvements to the area.
10th September 2015

New Park at Woodlands Highway Development

Plans for a play area at the new Bellway residential development, Montford Rise between Windward Way and the Chester Road, have been drawn up.
24th August 2015

Looking Good in the Garden!