General News



21st May 2018

Smith’s Wood Medical Centre

Construction work on the new Medical Centre in Burton's Way, Smith's Wood will begin on site on Tuesday, 29th May 2018. The Centre is due to be complete and fully operational by the summer of 2019.
30th April 2018
Main Entrance Artist Impression

Work to Start on Seventh Brand New Primary School in North Solihull

Work is due to start on a brand new replacement school at Yorkswood Primary in Kingshurst this spring, the seventh primary school to be rebuilt in north Solihull in the last decade.
17th April 2018

Demolition of the Old Shopping Precinct at Arran Way

Work has begun to demolish the old shops and gym at Arran Way. Letters have been delivered to local people and businesses informing them of the works.
7th March 2018

New Chippy Opens @ Chelmund’s Cross

A new fish and chip shop, Chelmund's Chips, has opened at Chelmund's Cross Village Centre. The opening of the new take was filmed by The One Show just before the first customer was served on 1st March 2018!