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In May 2005, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) signed a 15 year Regeneration Agreement which created the North Solihull Partnership (comprising InPartnership Ltd, Bellway Homes and Whitefriars Housing Group) with the aim of bringing about the physical, social and economic regeneration of North Solihull.
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Who are the partners?

Investing in North Solihull is one of the UK's largest community-led regeneration projects and its scale and requirement for intensive intervention was necessitated by the unsustainable nature of its housing stock, community facilities and school buildings. The 15 year business plan that has been developed involves introducing choice into the housing market to encourage people to stay in the area when their accommodation needs change. However, what will be key to improving the lives of the 40,000 residents is the creation of a series of new primary schools to raise educational attainment and provide better support to children and their families. Additionally, the project will oversee the development of new state of the art community facilities, including enhanced local health care provision, and improving the quality and safety of the public open spaces.

All of the Partners share the ambition to transform the three wards of Chelmsley Wood, Smith’s Wood and Kingshurst & Fordbridge.

North Solihull Strategic Framework Document

The Vision

  • New homes for sale
  • New affordable housing
  • 10 new or remodelled, state-of-the-art primary schools
  • New or improved village centres
  • New health care facilities
  • New leisure facilities
  • Employment and training opportunities
  • A positive change to almost 40,000 people's lives
  • Mixed use developments
  • Local environment and transport improvements

Track Record & Achievements to June 2019

The partnership has overseen substantial work so far including:


  • 1686 new homes built
  • 893 private homes (127 Equity Share) and 793 affordable homes (47%)
  • Further 17 homes with planning permission
  • Demolition of 888 homes including 5 high rise blocks
  • Recladding & installation of Biomass boilers at 37 high rise blocks
  • Specialist care homes


  • Six new primary schools complete and open
  • One further new school under development
  • Remodelling at three primary schools

Open Space

  • Around £3m invested in improving open space and play facilities
  • New £2.7m cycle network complete - find out more here


  • £1.8m invested and committed to social and economic projects throughout the area

Two New Village Centres

Smith’s Wood

  • Demolition of two high rise blocks
  • New primary school
  • New Smith’s Wood Village Centre retail, offices and housing
  • Construction of a new High Street for Smith’s Wood Village Centre
  • Stonham Assisted Living Scheme
  • Development of new Medical Centre
  • Demolition of old shopping precinct

Chelmund's Cross

  • Demolition of old shops
  • Construction of new infrastructure, public realm and major changes to the Chester Road
  • Construction of new Enterprise Centre
  • New health centre opened November 2015
  • New primary school with integrated community facilities and church building
  • Investment in Three Trees Baptist Church and community centre
  • New retail & office accommodation
  • New care home for people with special needs opened November 2017
  • Total of £534m invested so far

new homes


brand new schools


new village centres

highway improvements and cycle network


invested so far


The previous North Solihull Partnership website became difficult to edit and update. As a result it has been archived as a record and reference of the Partnership’s activities over the past nine years. To view the old website please follow the link here - www.northsolihullarchive.co.uk.